Silecroft Café

2,099 sq ft
Culture, Hospitality, Workplace
Copeland Borough Council

Our proposal for Silecroft Café draws upon the beautiful landscapes and rich heritage of Cumbria. With the Council seeking a café and community hub within a tightly managed budget, our design hopes to help provide the valuable facilities needed to accommodate locals and tourists visiting this popular seaside destination.

Taking inspiration from existing buildings, such as Force Crag Mine near Braithwaite, and the storage sheds at Silecroft Railway Station, our design features a simple trussed structure, clad in local stone and simple metal roofing.

Our building is orientated to allow for long-reaching views to be enjoyed, with details such as sliding, glazed doors offering uninterrupted views of the sea and surrounding fells. Within, the roof is supported by timber sections and arranged in a scissor truss configuration. Paired with a calm and natural palette of materials – including a poured cork floor – the café provides a spacious and warm refuge from the outdoors.

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