Working with developers, investors, and private end-users, Cousins & Cousins employs a methodical, transparent and collaborative approach to building design, management and procurement. Our approach has risk management and mitigation woven in at every stage, supplemented by rigorous monitoring and checking procedures, forming part of our ISO 9001 certification process.

Projects flourish when delivered within these clearly defined boundaries, enabling designs to be pushed to the limits of what is possible within the restrictions imposed by budgetary and time constraints. Cousins & Cousins work closely with clients at every stage to develop schemes of the highest quality, providing strategic and innovative design solutions, expert craftsmanship and superior service.

Cousins & Cousins is ISO 9001 certified



Cousins & Cousins is dedicated to providing an outstanding service to clients and a commitment to all team members in a collaborative, productive, responsible and positive manner that fosters trust through our work ethics and integrity. We aim to create architecture that is thoughtful and considered. We develop buildings that function as beautifully as they look; each a composition of rational spaces with purity of form, free from superfluous detailing. Our design process is collaborative and iterative, and we are continuously imagining and reinventing in pursuit of creative design solutions. We have an absolute commitment to achieve design excellence regardless of budget.

We encourage proactive leadership and maintain a democratic approach with a flexible, adaptive and collaborative hierarchy which provides a platform to improve and learn whilst creating fair opportunities for co-workers to grow in their careers and experiences. We are a business-centred practice and aim to act ethically and thrive as proactive, fiscally responsive leaders in our field.


‘Cousins & Cousins developed a design to meet all our goals. The finished result feels classically Victorian, consumes a small fraction of the energy it originally did – near to “Pasivhaus” standards – and is an absolute joy to be in.’
Eunice Laurel & Hans Mehn (2017)