Paragraph 79 House

15,000 sq ft

Designed under Paragraph 79 guidance, this new six-bedroom family home combines the client’s wish for contemporary design with a sensitive response to the character of its local area – the beautiful Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Area of Great Landscape.

Our client appointed us for our expertise in navigating complex planning and heritage site requirements. Any proposal for a new build home had to comply with the strict NPPF Paragraph 79 criteria: our design was judged to be of exceptional quality – truly outstanding or innovative, reflecting the highest standards in architecture, and significantly enhancing its immediate setting, while delivering a design that could help to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas.

With open plan living at its heart, the home is oriented to maximise stunning views of the English countryside. Generous, double height living spaces make the most of the natural light while wooden louvres visually soften the glazed exterior of the building, sensitively incorporating it into the surrounding landscape.

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