13,000 sq ft

We have been appointed to create a new-build home located on a slope of a North London Greenbelt site for our client and his family. This ambitious proposal meets the client’s brief through its strong connection with nature, contemporary living and an active lifestyle.

The house is composed of several glazed living spaces at ground floor looking onto the garden and connected by the terrace with lightweight timber elements. A central double height entrance space and a feature stair cuts through the oblique orientation of the east wing creating a dramatic entrance sequence gradually revealing a panoramic view. The first floor is composed of a monolithic brick form suspended above a veil of glazing, with window apertures punctured within the brick framing the view and introducing privacy to the bedrooms.

The building is orientated towards the landscape maximizing sunlight and sensitively sitting within its location as a contemporary addition. This proposal aspires for net-zero carbon using the potential of the site for renewable energy and a fabric first approach for thermal performance and comfort.

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