London Wall

Cultural Mile, City of London Corporation and Brookfield Projects


Our proposed seasonal outdoor pavilion at London Wall Place was commissioned by Cultural Mile, an initiative led by City of London Corporation and Brookfield Projects to provide a contextual temporary shelter for the Barbican’s rolling programme of summer music performances.

The design concept, inspired by the historic images of the stained glass windows from the chapel building that once occupied the site, has a modular faceted timber structure with a striking and vibrant contemporary coloured roof canopy that can be reassembled from a kit of parts each summer.



Apart from the stage base, which allows for the physical condition of the site surface, each of the sets of components are identical, simplifying the processes during both fabrication and assembly.

The components are sized to be manageable by a small operations team, avoiding the use of excessive heavy-duty lifting equipment, and enabling a straightforward erection process at the beginning of the summer and the subsequent dismantling process once the season is over.

All components of the structure are sized with handling in mind, during both initial construction and annual reuse. The structure can be delivered to site using small flatbed vehicles and handled by a small construction team to minimize site time and disruption.

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