Elverson Road

1,991 sq ft
Private Client

Elverson Road is an old motorcycle workshop in Lewisham, South-East London. By the time the client approached Cousins & Cousins they had lived and worked in the building for 8 years. However, with a growing family, the industrial building was no longer suited to their needs. Using the constraints of the existing site, and by retaining the boundary walls, Cousins & Cousins propose to make an intervention on the site and create a new dwelling and studio.

The new volumes contain large open plan accommodation with vertical voids and contemporary materials such as board-marked concrete, rough-sawn timber, frameless glazing, feature planted walls, exposed brickwork, and polished concrete floors. The new intervention is suspended between the existing and retained boundary walls. The principal circulation axis runs through the building from the front door to the rear garden building, along the western boundary.

These elements are separated by material, glass, shadow and void to articulate and differentiate each form, and to express the disparate but unifying qualities that characterise the scheme.

2019 Shortlisted BD Individual House Architect of the Year