Crate Pavilion


Cousins & Cousins were appointed by Soho Create Ltd to explore the feasibility of building a temporary pavilion within Soho Square during the spring of 2015.

The temporary pavilion, or pavilions, were to house a lecture theatre/events space, a merchandise shop, and a take-away style street kitchen that could be used by the local residents and workers during the event as well as servicing the festival customers, and the public.

The concept with Crate Pavilion was to loan c.10,000 plastic bottle crates from suppliers and use them to form a double-skinned waterproofed structural enclosure and to brace the timber I-beam portal frames. The crates would be tied using industrial cable ties, and a ballast provided by filling bottles with water to the bottom few courses of crates. This design could be easily moved and transformed into various structures, with the components having the ability to be reused, reimagined and repurposed.

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