Canonbury Park South

2,605 sq ft
Homes, Interiors
Private Client

We radically transformed the performance and comfort of this four-storey Victorian family home in Canonbury Park South– from cold, energy guzzling building to a high-quality modern family home fit for the 21st century.

At Canonbury Park South, our forward-thinking client was looking for space to adapt to the needs of their growing family, and prioritise the inclusion of state of the art sustainable technology to reduce energy consumption to near Passivhaus standards.

As part of a complete refurbishment and improvement project we extended the rear of the house, paying close attention to small details in replicating the original Victorian features, while streamlining internal spaces with a strong contemporary finish throughout.

We worked with Enhabit using Passivhaus ‘fabric first’ design principles: the result is a home that showcases how historic buildings can be radically adapted to exceed current building regulations, without sacrificing beauty and comfort for green, low energy credentials.

“Our home’s previous owners lived there for 30 years and it feels like it served other families well over almost 200 years. That’s what we fell in love with. Our project goals were to modernise key areas and to achieve a dramatically lower energy footprint while maintaining the heritage and feel of this family home. Architects Cousins & Cousins, with Enhabit, developed a design to meet all our goals. Loveday Construction has built it with craftsmanship and care. The finished result feels classically Victorian, consumes a small fraction of the energy it originally did – near to German “Passivhaus” standards – and is an absolute joy to be in.”

– Eunice Laurel & Hans Mehn  

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