Victoria Street

150,000 sq ft
London & Oriental

Victoria Street is a feasibility study for London & Oriental to redevelop Windsor House Tower and Christchurch House in Victoria, and better connect the public realm and retail units within the estate with sustainability, wellbeing and flexible working principles at the centre of the design strategy.

Our proposal acknowledges that as working habits change, so too will the demands on the office; hybrid and agile working patterns will mean the merging of the boundaries between home and office; and the user experience will shift from the traditional office model to a flexible curated and differentiated environment that will focus on service, experience, hospitality, health and wellbeing.

To help attract people back to work, offices need to be offer spaces and facilities that users will miss when they work remotely. Our vision, using placemaking, innovative design solutions, and a cohesive and rational architectural design strategy, is to create a new urban destination, and one of London’s leading sustainable and healthy workplace. We have proposed an design that provides outstanding end-of-trip and wellness facilities for its users, better connects Christchurch Gardens with the wider public realm, and provides amenities for the citizens of Westminster and London.

The development will be an exemplar of design, quality, sustainability, health & wellbeing; a site that contributes to the borough and city’s sustainability goals; and, using innovative design solutions and forward thinking services strategies will enhance user experience and create a truly sustainable development

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