Charlotte Medhurst

Architectural Assistant II
BA (Hons) MArch

Charlotte has always been interested in retrofit and re-use, it was a key reason she studied Interior Architecture & Design in her undergraduate degree in Nottingham. A passion for the sustainable and creative adaptation of existing buildings was reinforced in her master’s degree where Charlotte was part of a heritage and conservation elective that spent time researching the background and significance of specific buildings within the city.

At Cousins & Cousins, Charlotte enjoys a diversity in type and scale of the projects and the attention to detail in the studio’s approach.

Her motivation to create spaces that can make lasting and sustainable contributions to people’s lives and her excellent problem-solving skills are put to good use. Charlotte’s work has spanned one-off private homes to large workplace schemes, both drawing on her expertise and understanding of what structures and features should be retained and how to design to work with them.

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