Alexander Bradley

BA (Hons) MArch PG Dip ARB

Alec undertook his BA at the University of Nottingham and MA at Manchester School of Architecture.

Before joining Cousins & Cousins, he worked on Battersea Underground Station, refining his skills in the coordination of multiple parties on this complex new development, while helping to better connect the community. Alec believes in the pursuit of high-quality architecture that can not only meet the needs of the user, but also deliver innovative design that is sensitive to the wider community and environment.

He is passionate about the process of realising design concepts through practical technical solutions and a refined detail aesthetic, and is currently working on a workplace scheme in Holborn, delivering flexible working spaces with a focus on the wellbeing of users.

In addition to his work at Cousins & Cousins, Alec continues to invest time into the online community led research project from his masters degree – creating shared knowledge from the experience of homeless people in order to generate open discussion about more appropriate design-based responses to the issues around it.

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