Jonathan Bush

BA (Hons) MArch DipArch ARB

Jonathan graduated from the University of Kent, where he spent a term abroad at the WAAC in Washington D.C., before completing his Part III studies at the University of Westminster.

With his background in construction delivery and on-site management, Jonathan is passionate about an architect’s role in the delivery of systems-architecture, seeking out innovation and opportunities for research and development.

He works primarily in our housing team, largely with existing buildings in sensitive locations, which currently includes the restoration and extension of a Grade II listed home in South Kensington and a locally listed scheme in Totteridge.

A driving theme throughout his career is adding value to our clients and communities through a focus on sustainable building methodologies and efficient building performance. Beyond his project-based work, this sees him lead on active and passive environmental strategies, both in on-site construction and our day to day work at the practice.

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